SingTel + Pixable

Dearest Pixable users,

Over the last few years, we have seen an explosion of opportunities at the intersection of photos, mobile, social and big data. Pixable has been part of that revolution, building a successful mobile product thanks to a talented team of more than 20 people with a passion for product, design and engineering; and a large group of advisors, directors, investors, and collaborators.

Today, we have very exciting news to share. We have joined forces with SingTel — one of the world’s largest mobile operators with over 400 million customers in 26 countries including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines and India.

SingTel’s Digital Life and Pixable have a shared vision of engaging with mobile users using digital services beyond simple communications, and joining forces was an easy decision. Pixable will continue operating independently from New York, with the same team, but will be part of SingTel’s Digital Life group. We will now be part of a bigger family, with access to a more global set of knowledge and user insights, and with a shared – and ambitious – vision. Having SingTel with us is a big win to continue building the company, growing the user base, and enhancing the product – and we will continue to welcome the best talent.

At Pixable, we care about how people discover and consume digital content on their mobile phones. The amount of personal content being shared online is growing exponentially — terabytes of data are being created and uploaded online every second. The number of services people are sharing to is also growing at a rapid pace — information is becoming more and more fragmented. During the last three years, we have accumulated knowledge about how aggregation, organization and discovery of content in your social graph and interest graph work. Our goal is to put this knowledge to use, and help people consume, discover and organize their content in the cloud in a better way.

And to do this on the mobile internet, with access to infinite information but limited time and space to digest it, is not trivial, and search alone is not the solution. We still have a long way to go with our product and vision and we can’t wait to show you where we’re going next.

At this point, we want to thank all of our users. Because of your excitement about Pixable, your incredible support and honest feedback we have been able to make Pixable what it is today.

We are psyched to be joining SingTel and are excited to build a better Pixable for everyone, continuing to contribute to this amazing revolution in how people engage with photos, social, mobile and big data.

Viva La Pixable!


For press enquiries, please contact Melissa Favero at

ps.- Beyond the amazing team, we want to thank the people that contributed to the success of Pixable taking a leap of faith on us:

Our investors:
Highland Capital Partners
Menlo Ventures
All friends and family investors such as Grupo IntercomProf Ed RobertsAdeyemi AjaoBrendan WallaceMario Bruggemann, and up to 14 other angel investors from the US, Venezuela, Mexico and Spain, including MIT classmates, former coworkers, friends and family.

Our directors:
James Joaquin, a pioneer in online photography, founder of oFoto, former president of KodakGallery, and serial entrepreneur; A great director that knows how to bring common sense and see things in perspective to the chaotic and paranoid world of entrepreneurship.
Bob Davis, founder & CEO of Lycos (#1 website in the world during Internet 1.0). He is a real mentor who gave me daily advice on how to build a company and pushed me hard to work to the limit and think bigger.

Our advisors:
Paul English, co-founder and CTO of Kayak
Beth Ferreira, former VP at Etsy
Douglas Alexander, former General Manager at Flickr
Mario Brueggemann, founder of Asesorseguros
Freddy Kerrest, founder of
Ed Roberts, MIT Professor, Chair of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center, successful serial tech entrepreneur, and serial angel investor
Daniel Loreto, Engineering Manager at Twitter (and “search” expert)
Anamitra Banerji, Started Twitter advertising products from scratch
Nobu Nakaguchi, Head of Product Design at Gilt Groupe
Manuel Bronstein, General Manager at Zynga

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