Weekly Faves- July 23

Pixable is a great way to make sure you never miss out on any important moments. With so many pictures being shared every day, we wanted to provide you with a weekly update on our favorite photos and videos! Take it as our own Pixable team Fave Tab. If you have any suggestions for photos that should be included next week tweet @Pixable with the #weeklyfaves!

1. We love this photo that Coldplay tweeted with their lead singer Chris Martin pumping up the crowd during his summer concert tour. http://bit.ly/MvrD0a

2. This great picture of the Tower Bridge in London, decorated in honor of the upcoming Olympics! Make sure you don’t miss a moment with Pixable! One week countdown starts now! http://bit.ly/MPmg5Y

3. This little panda saying hello to everyone! Working his cuteness in the best of ways! http://bit.ly/O3c1iZ

4. “Countdown: The Snuggie Version” is pure genius. By far the best use of a Snuggie we have seen in years. Beyonce should be proud.

Countdown:Snuggie Version

5. We dig this girls attitude! Nothing can get her down, not even the rainy days we have had here in NY! Keep dancing in the rain! http://bit.ly/LCFMYe

6. This remix of Justin Bieber’s Boyfriend vs *NSYNC’s girfriend by RaheemDaPlayaO4 is the perfect combination of old and new school swag. We promise it will have you singing along.

Justin Bieber vs NSYNC

7. This picture from China gives a new definition to the term carpool. It proves that as long as you are resourceful you can create anything. The DIY pool- take that Pinterest! http://bit.ly/NO4G7V

8. This video of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama caught on the Kissing Cam! Even they can’t escape it.

President Obama Caught on \’Kiss Cam\’

9. Kid President’s first episode targets Facebook. “Stop posting about stuff you don’t know about and start posting about cool things! Like, Pizza.” Wise beyond his years.

Kid President: Episode 1

10. This photo can only be described in one word:Epic. The USA Basketball Team is clearly ready to dominate in the Olympics. Working hard or hardly working there boys? http://bit.ly/OrS9pv

11. This little frog waving hello! Hi there! http://bit.ly/O0Xs0w

12. This classic video of comedian Jeremiah McDonald having a conversation with his 12 year old self.

A Conversation with my 12 Year Old Self: 20th Anniversary Edition

13. Team GB  athletes Mo Farah, Kate Dennison, Andy Turner, and Hannah England getting psyched for the Olympics. May the best team win! http://bit.ly/LLTvfo

14.The skies are lined with Red, White & Blue by these fighter jets prior to the Olympics Opening Ceremony in honor of Team GB. http://bit.ly/Qnb4VR

15. This London Olympics 2012 Promo video that reappeared this week in anticipation of the games. Who’s ready?

London 2012 Olympic Games Promo

There you have it! Our favorite pictures of the week!Have any suggestions? Make sure to tweet them @Pixable #weeklyfaves!

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