SXSW 2012! See SXSW through Pixable.

It’s that time of year again! SXSW starts this week and Pixable will be there helping you see all the action.

We’re getting the Pixable iPhone app geared up with a special #SXSW section that will for the first time will give you a real-time view into SXSW.

Pixable will be collecitng all of the photos being shared at SXSW and organizing them into different feeds to let you see what’s going on at the moment, what party you should be at, or the most popular photos of the day.

When you open the Pixable iPhone app, you’ll see different sections:

#SXSW Live Feed – This is a realtime feed of all of the photos shared via Twitter or Instagram hashtagged with #SXSW. Use this feed to see what’s happening that moment or where to be (we all care about being at the best party or show). Test it out! Share a photo with #SXSW.

#SXSW Popular – There will be feeds for each day at SXSW showcasing the most shared and liked photos. Check out these feeds to make sure you didn’t miss out on anything!

#SXSW Influencers - We’ve handpicked a select group of influencers that will be present at SXSW. Use this feed to see SXSW through their eyes!

You’ll also be able to find us in person there too!

Samsung mobile presents #FEED powered by Twitter – Pixable will be at #FEED this year! #FEEDPixable will be a beautiful and real-time stream of photos publicly curated by the attendees of SXSW.

Made in NY: Austin – Pixable is a proud New Yorker, and we’ll be showing our pride at the Made In NY event at Cedar Door. RSVP Here.

Roaming – Look out for us in Pixable t-shirts to help you see #SXSW no matter where you are!

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