Follow Your Favorite Facebook Friends on Pixable

“[Pixable] makes finding and scrolling through photos easy breezy” - Josie Grogan, Photofeed User

Having launched only three weeks ago to lots of buzz from Mashable, Tech Crunch and Inside Facebook, we are thrilled to boast over 100,000 active users on Pixable.

For now, allow us to update you on some new features we have introduced. We’re rolling out new stuff all the time, and promise to keep you abreast.

  • A Search box for quickly finding your friends (quite the quintessential tool, no doubt). This will make it easier to follow select friends and customize your Pixable experience even more .

  • We’re committed to making your photo experience not only personalized, but also easy breezy. So now you can access Pixable  directly from, as well as Facebook. No ads, no clutter, no chat, nothing to distract you from your photo browsing experience.
  • A faster and more visually appealing transition across photos. This one is more subtle, for the aesthetically keen amongst you.

Checking in on the buzz from users has been really fun! Here’s a peek at what we’ve heard.

Pixable is a streamlined and convenient way to view all your friends’ and family photos on Facebook.” -Mafuzul Mashud

Pixable has changed my life!! … I never bothered to even look at other people’s photos before because it was sooo hard to do so before Pixable.” -Brandy Proppe

Sharing photos? Pixable is all you need!” -Elaine Martschenko Hughes

We’re happy to hear it, and we want to hear more. So bring on the feedback in the comments below!

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3 Responses to Follow Your Favorite Facebook Friends on Pixable

  1. alex says:


    Can you guys explain the benefits of following? I follow my closest friends… but then I’m not sure what to do with it after that.

  2. alex says:

    ps. thanks! love you guys!

  3. Pixable Team says:

    Alex! Sorry we completely missed this comment. After you follow your friends you’ll be able to login and easily see if they have uploaded or been tagged in any new photos! You should also receive e-mail notifications.

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